Irene Praeger, Director of Religious Exploration

Irene Praeger, Director of Religious Exploration
Irene Praeger, Director of Religious Exploration

Welcome to the UU Church of Marblehead. Our caring and nurturing community is committed to guiding children and youth on a spiritual journey of exploration of religious truth, meaning and experience.  One of the major goals of our Religious exploration program is for our young people to learn and grow in ways that help them develop their own sense of faith,  sense of purpose and respect for their own worth. This can only happen with the help and participation of the entire church community, so multigenerational participation is always welcomed and encouraged.

Unitarian Universalism is covenantal religion, so each class begins the church school year by creating a classroom covenant – a promise that we make to one another about what we are going to do, and how we are going to behave. A covenantal community acknowledges that we need not think alike to act alike. Children and youth learn as much from who teach them as we do from what they are taught. Our classroom leaders create an atmosphere where participants are free to ask questions and talk about feelings and ideas. We also affirm the different styles of learning.

Multigenerational services are held one Sunday per month. These are times when the entire community gathers to worship together in the sanctuary. Our multigenerational services are fun and engaging and there are opportunities for whole community participation.

Religious exploration classes are held on Sunday mornings for nursery through high school. There are also programs for middle school and high school youth groups that meet in the late afternoon or early evening. Most afternoon and evening youth activities take place at least twice monthly.

Of course, none of the above goals can realistically be met without some commitment to consistent participation. We hope that children and youth will genuinely enjoy coming to church and want to be an active participants. Parent/Guardian feedback is always welcome since we recognize that parent/guardians are the primary educators of their children.

I look forward to meeting and discussing any aspects of our programs in detail with you and your family upon request.

Yours in faith,

Irene Praeger, Director of Religious Exploration, Credentialed