W Burns Flower

The watercolor paintings of Charlestown artist Winnie Burns, “Trees and Flowers: Once and Again,” will grace the walls of Stetson Gallery in Marblehead from now until early May. Burns’s exhibit will be celebrated at an opening reception on Sunday, April 19, from 12-2 p.m. at the Gallery, located in the Unitarian Universalist Church of Marblehead, at 28 Mugford St., Marblehead.

Winnie Burns of Charlestown became interested in art while working in the art department of the University of Massachusetts-Boston, where she earned her bachelor of liberal arts degree cum laude. About 10 years ago, Winnie started studying watercolor with Anthony Abate of the Artists Group of Charlestown, and has since studied with Ann Antonino, Lisa Knox, and most recently with Elaine Caliri Daly at the Marblehead Art Association.

Winnnie Burns’s work has been exhibited at the Artists Group of Charlestown in both the Stove Factory Gallery and at Art in the Park. She has exhibited in Marblehead at the MAA and at Brush Strokes Gallery.

“I became attracted to watercolor because of its effects of softness and fluidity,” Burns says. “The blending of colors often achieves surprising results. Because the tools of the medium are so easily transportable, the use of watercolor encourages plein air painting.
“My preferred subjects are landscapes and floral designs. Painting outside gives a vibrancy to the work, while changing weather conditions offer a mood to the work. When I paint still lifes of flowers druing the many cooler months of New England, I’m reminded of warmer times and the colors of a different season.

“This solo exhibit, ‘Trees and Flowers: Once and Again,’ captures versatility in mood and the wonders of naturre. I can see that changing background colors of the same subject can present varying effects.”

Stetson Gallery is open weekdays 9 a.m.-2 p.m. (1 p.m. Mondays) and during Church events at other times. The winter/spring 2015 Gallery season continues in May, with art by a mother/daughter/granddaughter trio of Daly family artists, featuring music by the Daly family at the opening reception on Sunday, May 17; and in June with the floral photographs of Rev. Wendy von Courter. Curators Anthony and Jo Ann Silva have started booking the 2015-16 Gallery season. Famed Boston artist Nedret Andre will hang a special exhibit in November. The curators welcome inquiries from artists in all media for openings during the rest of the upcoming gallery season at stetson@uumarblehead.org.