This congregation was organized by a group of members from the first church in Marblehead – “Old North” – who chose to separate from that church in order to have Edward Holyoke as their minister. In April 1716, the Second Congregational Church of Marblehead was formed. A new meetinghouse was built on the same property that we occupy today.

A year long celebration of this event is being planned. It will include:

  • Reviewing our past and envisioning our future
  • Opening the time capsule in the meetinghouse cornerstone
  • Creating a written history of the congregation’s 300 years
  • Initiating an ongoing program of talks and performances to be known as the “Meetinghouse Series”
  • A tour of Marblehead as it was in 1716
  • A dinner with recipes from the early 1700s
  • A Gala Celebration  on April 3,, 1716

and much more!

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