Beyond Sunday Service

Looking for ways to engage your spirit with your faith community beyond the Sunday service?


Here are several ways you can do just that!


  1. Follow Reverend Wendy von Courter on Twitter (revwendyvon) and/or her Blog, “Living Values – Valuing Lives” ( While Reverend von Courters’s sermons appear on our website following each Sunday service, excerpts and other items appear on her blog. Check it out for weekly spiritual practices, spiritual journaling questions and other ways to engage your spirit.
  2. Consider Small Group Ministry – contact Christine Krom for more information about this terrific program. Small groups are gatherings of members and friends who covenant to meet on a regular basis. We have several of these groups going already, some of which have met for years! If you are interested, please let Christine know! (
  3. Volunteer! We currently participate in two different nights at Lifebridge preparing and serving meals. Come join Jack Weltner & crew on any 4th Thursday and/or Reverend von Courter and UU’s from the other local congregations on any 2nd Wednesday.  Contact Reverend von Courter ( or Jack ( for details.  Also consider volunteering in our Religious Education program.


Contact our Director of Religious Education ( for more information, even if you only have a wee bit of time!


Finally, our many committees welcome your participation.  Volunteering helps share our tasks but most importantly, it’s how we get to know one another and deepen our bonds. So please consider stepping in!