Social Action News

Minutes of Social Action Committee Nov. 9th, 2014

Susan Morrison reported that the Marblehead Ministerial Association is looking at racism and white privilege in this coming year and plans to do some internal training in early Dec. which will precede offering 4 town wide events in 2015. It is hoped to include at least one police officer in that training. A first event might be MLK weekend Jan. 18th.

Dan Tucker and Sue Kirby were both interested in working on Income Inequality and plan to set up a meeting to discuss what might be done. One idea that was brainstormed was to invite Elizabeth Warren to come to a Forum next year to speak about Income inequality. We also talked briefly about Move to Amend and who might support that effort.

Barbara Brown was unable to be present but has negotiated with Mass Sav to come to set up a table on Nov. 16th to educate people about energy efficiency.

Nicki Moore and Cheryl Variam reported that Family Promise is moving forward. Nov. 10th was the expected installation date for the carbon monoxide detectors. There is still a need for more training and recruitment of volunteers. Presently the committee is looking at accumulating single bed sized sheets and blankets and has appealed to the congregation to supply them.

Stephen Hodge is still trying to contact Habitat to arrange for a hands on work group from our church to join them. Don Preston’s name was given as a contact. The sandwich making group has not been active this fall.

Jay Morrison reports that he is working with Hugh Stewart on the 300th Anniversary planning. He will invite Hugh to our next meeting. Possible topics to be presented in Forums as part of the 300th would be racism and Income inequality.

Jack Weltner reported that LifeBridge continues to function well.

Carolyn and Gordie Corzine reported that they attended a moving presentation at the First Parish UU Church in Cambridge, by the Gaza Mental Health Foundation in memory of Eyad el Sarraj who was the first psychiatrist to work in the region. His successor just lost 28 family members in the latest bombing raids by the Israelis, but persists. Noam Chomsky PH.D. and Bill Slaughter MD, Sara Roy Ph.D were presenters.

Everyone was asked to update the Bulletin Board and the Website with news about their current activities.

Next meeting Dec.14th 12-1.