Minutes of the Social Action Committee Meeting, November 8, 2015


Attendees: Alissa Manning, Jean Hamburg, Trish Sullivan, Susan Morrison, Jay Morrison, Carolyn Corzine. (Reported in absentia, Chris Krom, Linda Weltner).

Family Promise: Chris Krom reports that here is hope that we will be able to host our first family in January although no date is set as yet. Mark Wilhelm reported that he has, what he hopes will be, a final meeting with Bob Ives to obtain a Special Occupancy Report on Thursday at 2 PM. As soon as that permit is in hand the project can go forward.

Seventh Principle: Linda Weltner has obtained an electric bill from Christina Aubin and forwarded it to Jeff Cohen who will offer advice to the church about the usefulness of installing solar panels on the church roof. She is next going to meet with the Historic District Commission to determine their attitude toward the project.

Nepal Disaster Response: Jack Weltner and Jean Hamburg have met with Trish Sullivan to consider which resources might be tapped to provide transport for accumulated clothing, and assist with a Capital Campaign to raise funds for the projected rehab facility. Trish presented a slide presentation to the Harbor Rotary that was well received. She also sent a letter to the Carter Foundation. Other contacts have been made with Julia Fitz-Randolph, and alumni from Northeastern. She was advised to get a “fiscal agent” that is larger than UUCM to manage the Capital Campaign. Alissa offered to explore possibilities at MGH. Christina will be asked to put up a heading on the bulletin board for Nepal actions.

Racism: Susan Morrison reported that after the second showing of Making Whiteness Visible next Sunday, the 15th, the racism team will make some plans for the Jan. 31st event. Debby Irving will speak about her book Waking Up White, and there will be an effort to organize readings of the book in advance.

Justice in the Middle East: Carolyn Corzine announced a half day workshop organized by Mass Peace Action to be held at Harvard next Sat. Nov. 14th from 12:30 – 4:30 called A New Day: Organizing to Change US Policy on Israel and Palestine. She invited others to attend with her and Gordie. Transportation and dinner afterwards to be planned.

Communication: Alissa Manning raised the question about what we should be promoting on our web page, and how best to format the information. She reported that the UUA has just issued a new template for websites. We are using a 2014 layout. A small task force has been identified, including Jane Kasler, Mary Gardner, Nicki Moore and Kathy Sands Boehmer , Linda Enrico, and herself will be working on establishing the steps to be followed to market church events i.e. best practices. There was a discussion about whether we should publicize events that don’t arise here at UUCM. It was agreed that we should have a different way of listing events that match our list of topics of interest but take place in other venues as “Recommended Activities or Other Related Activities.”

Carolyn Corzine   Corrections and Edits Please.