Minutes of Social Action Committee December14, 2014

General announcements

  • If your group has a section on the bulletin board, please keep it updated with news and events.
  • For further discussion on any Social Action topics, the Sunday Seminar is available – contact Hugh Stewart to be added to the schedule.
  • Meetings will be held on the 2nd Sunday of every month.

Racial Equality

Reverend Wendy has met with the Marblehead Ministerial Committee. They have pledge to address Marblehead’s role to increase racial equality. 

On Sunday, January 18th, from 2-4 pm, our church will host a screening of the documentary “Making Whiteness Visible,” addressing the differences between good intentions and meaningful change.

A group planned to attend an event at the Bethel AME church in Lynn on Monday, December 22nd at 7pm.

UUCM Tricentennials and Meetinghouse Series

Jay Morrison is the head of the Meetinghouse Series / Forum. He is currently putting together a committee to plan events. Mark Klopfer is looking into Cambridge series to determine financial reimbursement for speakers Bob Stallman, flutist, will kick off the meetinghouse series on February 15th.

Hugh Stewart reported that celebrations will begin in September 2015. And beginning in the spring will be talks/walks with local historians (for example, Judy Anderson, and expert of colonial architecture)

Serving dinner at Lifebridge

Jack Weltner reports that the dinners hosted by UUCM’ers and friends 3 times a month are “really pleasant”

Habitat for Humanity Work Group

With the goal to unite group of volunteers into single force, to work on a Saturday or Wednesday. Steve Hodge has made contact with the folks at Habitat, has gotten forms and will reach out to volunteers. He will try to have date; core group; etc by our next meeting

Family Promise at UUCM

The Carbon Monoxide detector has not yet been installed.

Next steps involve: helping our church members become involved in supporting OTHER congregations, holding another training, and helping to connect people to the Family Promise “bullpen” mailing list (announcements about immediate needs of Family Promise participants).

7th Principle Committee

Barbara Brown reports that the committee is brainstorming and planning a project for Earth Day on April 22nd. They will register event with (national) UUA. Someone mentioned they she could try to create a relationship with the MHD conservancy;

Linda Weltner reported that oil company divestment did not seem to be having an impact on the groups who have divested. Children who are born today will suffer the largest consequences;

Anthony Harris mentioned that could provide a Greenpeace documentary for a showing and discussion.


Gordie and Carolyn Corzine went to hear Rabbi Brian Walt as part of a speaker series. They would like to approach him to come here to speak, maybe in Meetinghouse Series. Olive Oil produced by Palestinians remains for sale at cost by Carolyn and Gordie

General thoughts

  • Creating an initiative around children – special needs and environmental issues – Suzanne Messina
  • Creating a system for sign-up, file sheets in a hanging folder, news in MHD paper or Online Patch site