Serving meals at a Salem homeless shelter

Our congregation has provided meals twice a month for Lifebridge Homeless Shelter (formerly Crombie St. and Salem Mission), a Salem based organization, since it opened in the 1980s.  We generally feed about 80 people at each supper with meals ranging from meatloaf to pad thai.  There are usually eight to twelve of us preparing and serving the meals.

Jack Weltner  (781-631-8581) is responsible for the second Thursday of the month.  This group generally prepares the food at home and arrives about 5:45, serving at 6:30.  Generally we head home just after 7.  We are: Jack W, Philippa Longin, Kevin Robichaud, Charlie and Deb Coulson, Deb Cherry, Sabin and Olivia James, Don Hulbert, Adam Walters, Lisa Kirk, Rob and Jen Ferro, Devon Hildreth, Tom Gale, Luke and Julie Anderson, Ellen Epstein, and Ginny Bowen.  Many hands make light work!

Judith Black (781-631-4417) is responsible for the fourth Thursday.  She and her cooks arrive early and do the cooking together in the well-equipped kitchen at the shelter, also serving about 6:30.  Judith and her crew sing as they cook!

In 2013 our youth group, The Wild Things, asked if they could have a night of their own to cook and serve at Lifebridge. Ever since then, on the Second Fridays of the month, the youth and our minister meet at Lifebridge and cook and serve from 5-7 pm. It is considered one of the treasured activities by our youth.
From time to time the entire congregation gets involved in one of three ways:
1. A call will go out for specific donations to fulfill a need identified by one of our volunteers. Examples include potholders, peelers and drink mixes. When that happens, people are invited to bring those things into service on a Sunday and someone volunteers to drop them off.
2. Our minister asks Lifebridge for any odd nights that they haven’t been able to fill. She then puts out the call for volunteers.
3. Sometimes we’ll take on an extra night and engage the entire congregation in the shopping piece so that many hands are involved. A shopping list is shared, donations are brought to the church and a smaller group takes on the cooking.

Anyone interested In helping out should contact any of us to make arrangements.


Anyone interested In helping out should contact any of us to make arrangements.