Family Promise host week January 24-31

At our annual meeting in June 2014, the UUCM congregation voted unanimously to become a host congregation for the Family Promise program. This program enlists religious congregations to host up to 4 homeless families for one week several times each year. The vote to join the program was taken after Gordie Corzine urged each us to vote for the proposal only if we thereby pledged to volunteer to help out when the time came.
The time has now finally come. The families will arrive on Sunday January 24 and will be with us until Sunday January 31. The families will have dinner each evening at the UUCM, spend the night, and then grab a quick breakfast as they are picked up in the morning to go to school, or work, or the Family Promise space in Beverly for the day.

A large group of us have been trained as volunteers for the program. In addition, there are many jobs which do not require the training, such as setting up the rooms on January 24, providing dinner or doing laundry.

You can sign up on-line using Volunteer Spot. Go to Volunteer Spot entry or see one of the committee members on a Sunday morning at church beginning 12/20. Committee members are Nikki Moore, Cheryl Woolf Variam, Patrice Helmuth and Christine Krom.