UUCM Snow Policy

It is the policy of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Marblehead to not hold activities, including services, during major snow events.  Announcements about closing the church will be sent to the WBZ television and radio station, be posted on our facebook page and facebook group and be sent in an email to our newsletter lists to members and friends. An informal phone tree exists for those who do not use computers (Please let us know if you need a ‘buddy.’)

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In-gathering & Water Communion Sunday Service – Sunday, September 7th 10:30am

Our ‘In-gathering & Water Communion Sunday Service’ is always the first Sunday after Labor Day. Usually that means the second Sunday of September but this year with Labor Day the earliest it can be, we’re also off to an early start. The service is multi-generational and one that invites everyone to bring some water that has special meaning in their lives. It is a way we get to know one another more deeply as we share a bit of what is important to us and at the same time contribute to the story we create together. The waters are all combined during the service. Some bring a sample from a trip to a place that engaged their spirit, some water from the garden hose and others even offer virtual water representing tears of sadness or joy. A pitcher is always on hand for those who have not brought water but would like to participate by pouring from the pitcher and sharing what it represents. All ages are welcome to participate as we celebrate the start of our new year together. (Service is at 10:30 am, September 7).