The Wit and Whimsy of Painter Susan j Schrader will brighten the walls of Stetson Gallery in March

Caption: Midnight Muses by Susan j Schrader


Stetson Galllery in the Unitarian Universalist Church of Marblehead, 28 Mugford St., Marblehead, will exhibit “musings,” new works by whimsical artist Susan j Schrader, throughout the month of March. The opening reception for “musings” will be held Sunday, March 5, from 12-2 p.m. in the Gallery.

Susan j Schrader of Marblehead, a visual artist and book illustrator, has a uniquely wonderful imagination and an artistic style to match it. Her work contains whimsical pen and ink drawings that focus on fanciful creatures in a city-like landscape that are rich in color, full of creative patterns and bizarre movements by the abstracted human figures that float and dance about on the surface of the canvas.

“My work is about life. About release. About letting go,” says Schrader. “I draw very organically with India ink on blank canvas and see what creatures will come to life. Then I begin to add my color – I’m in love with bright, vibrant colors and loads of detail. My paintings are about life and love and friendships – I communicate emotions through the simplicity of my quirky little figures.”

Susan j Schrader received her BFA at Queen’s University in Canada and her MFA at Illinois State University. Her work has been shown throughout the USA and Canada. She has worked as a printmaker’s assistant and has enjoyed her various teaching experiences in drawing, printmaking, and painting over the years. She has traveled extensively and says that the various colors, sounds, smells, and energy find their way onto the surface of her canvases.

“Each of my figures has its own story to tell,” Schrader says. “The viewer is part of this storytelling because we bring our own stories and our own history to a painting. What is your story? How would you draw it?”

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